AccelCore Technologies offers solutions that capture to the needs and requirements that are essential. Our honest and frank discussions offers you an in depth scope of the business processes that can help you yield productivity and run your business effectively. We are here to understand your needs and we follow through all the way from planning to execution and long term maintenance. We value long term partnerships with you.

Our commitment level stays the same, whether you are a consumer, small medium enterprises and large corporations. Be it a simple web hosting, or a remote desktop assistance, we tailor our products and services that best suit your needs.

The following are some of our assurance that we would like to share with you.

Most vendors are not willing to invest in too much time to fully understand the needs of a potential client. Time is money and with the competition out there, everything is rushed. Over here in AccelCore Technologies, we strive and take keen interest in your daily routine, help you reduce paper work, and designing processes so you will not lose your documents along the way. We will help you design an IT infrastructure, that will ease your workload, so you can focus the core of your business, which is your business!
Most of our services activation are quick, automated and seamless. For accounts that require additional processing time, we strive to provide next business day response.
For your convenience, we are able to customize a billing plan for you. However, we strive to make things as easy for you, that you can view our services, and immediately apply online for activation.

  • We offer an array of services from Voice, Hostings, Development to Infrastructural Management support.
  • Our network and infrastructure is built with the intend of long term scalability and reliability.
  • We run our own POPs (Points of Presence), so you can be assured, we monitor and adjust our routing when necessary, to give you the optimal connection anywhere in the world.
  • We peer with world class service providers and actively monitor, and maintain routing configurations to bring you the optimal connections to your internet or network destination.
  • We could assist our clients to plan, draft, customize, tweak, and transform plans into actual deployment and operation or maintenance.

  • We have a team of engineers providing support for your workstations, systems, servers and mobile devices.
  • It is very often that you require regular system maintenance so you can improve the system resources and maximize its potential.
  • It is also to improve reliability. Regular maintenance practices will result in the reduction of problems that will impede your business productivity and efficiency.
  • We monitor our network and server related services regularly round the clock.
  • Signing up services such has Web Hosting or special sites such as WordPress or forums are seamless and automated.
  • We are able to provide regular back up should you require them.

  • From the start to the end, we work with you all the way, to plan, draft, customize, tweak, and transform plans into actual deployment and operation or maintenance.
  • We make it our business to understand your needs and wants, and we offer you various options depending on your budget and deployment time frame.



Let us listen to your situation. We will work with you to plan and develop or fulfill your business requirements. Our advice we give to our clients are honest and of high quality.

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